The 2014 vimeo of The Aborigine is Present is currently on exhibition at Museum of Old and new art. (MONA) HObart. tasmania.


Koorie Heritage Trust Museum 


Robyne Latham


The Aborigine is Present

Federation Square Melbourne

The Yarra Building

First three weekends of July 2015.

Endorsed, supported and inspired by Marina Abramovic

Performance Times 2 - 4pm.

All Welcome.


             Robyne will share her role of the Aborigine with other Aboriginal participants, who will sit opposite                                                                                                a non-Aboriginal participant.                                                                                                          They sit in silence, in full presence of each other, in recognition of their shared humanity. 

Melbourne Magazine June - July 2015.p


Fifty thousand years later,  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are still here,  against the odds.               We have survived.    We are present.   We are present to you.


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Marina Abramovic and Robyne Latham at MONA June 2015.

Marina Abramovic and Robyne Latham at MONA June 2015.

The opening performance of The Aborigine is Present. 2015. The Koorie Heritage Trust Museum.

Federations Square. Melbourne.

The opening of The Aborigine is Present 2015